Foreign mail

Hello! How are you this evening/morning/afternoon? I’m about to start watching Devil Wears Prada and am therefore fabulous. I adore Anne Hathaway, in case I haven’t mentioned that yet. But you’re probably not here to find out what movie I’m watching tonight…

Another day, another bowl of pumpkin oats… I definitely think the key to liking them is having something of a different texture on top. Sadly I’m running out of my granola!


For snacks I had the same mix of cereal, almonds and cashews as yesterday. I had half in the morning with the tangerine and ate the other half while walking to my car after work.


Five pieces of delicious thin crust mushroom pizza for lunch. So so so tasty. Pizza is my weakness, it is so hard to hold off on the rest.


Dinner was supposed to finally be a girl’s dinner out but Alex got some bad news about her mom and canceled. Jenny and I still made the effort though, not that it takes much convincing to get a person to Depalmas.

We started with stuffed mushroom caps, we each had three filled with pesto and three filled with meatball and mozzarella. Plus bread and butter 🙂 .


For my entree I ordered the balsamic grilled salmon salad a 4 oz. filet over field greens with red onions, sweet red peppers, capers & hard boiled egg.


The salmon was overcooked but otherwise it was good!

I came home to find  Package from London! I wonder who it could be from…


Foodbuzz teamed up with moo to offer featured publishers a free set of business cards! I’m so excited, now I just need to meet new people to give them to!


I’m so used to having something sweet after dinner that I used the other half of yesterday’s apple, microwaved for a minute with cinnamon and a few oats to create a healthy dessert.


A million times healthier than those cupcakes with 3+ sticks of butter and it completely satisfied my craving! Perfect 🙂

Another exciting thing that happened today was being offered a “pantry makeover” by Earthfare. With a certain coupon you can take your HFCS loaded peanut butters, jelly, soda, cereal, and salad dressings to the store and no matter how full can trade it in for a healthier version. Did I mention salad dressings? Like that one I opened yesterday? I think so 🙂

Well its 8:00 and from the way Gypsy is staring, I’m guessing they haven’t been fed. I supposed I could remedy that… Off to enjoy the movie too! Goodnight!


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