A confession

More pumpkin oats! I warned you 🙂 Here are my mix-ins (sorry, should have zoomed in further): brown sugar, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and pumpkin pie mix.


All mixed together. It may take me awhile to learn to eat oatmeal without a ton of brown sugar. I ended up about doubling the amount in the picture above and still would have liked more. I won’t feel too bad about it though, since its the only sugar I add to my diet. I’l teach myself to really love oatmeal and then wean myself off 🙂


Lunch was a salad of baby spinach and some of the lettuce I got at the farmer’s market. It was nice and light and fresh. I also had some fire roasted vegetables Kashi crackers. The flavor wasn’t as good as Ritz crackers of the same flavor, but they weren’t horrible. Still probably won’t buy them again.


Since I basically had lettuce and crackers for lunch (poor planning!) I was quit hungry by the time I got home and had a mix of cashews and the Cascadian Farms cereal I bought as a snack.


And a stale oatmeal cookie. I definitely recommend freezing these cookies instead of leaving them out in tupperware! So much better!


Instead of going out for dinner we ordered pizza. I figured that ordering myself a thin crust mushroom, light on the cheese (supposedly) wouldn’t be too painful. The edges were a bit over done but otherwise I’m very happy. I ultimately ate 5 pieces. And finished off my Rieces Pieces. Which removes that temptation from my life at least…



I’ve been trying to make my way through all the Shape magazines I’ve been neglecting since January because I don’t want to tear up my friend’s copy of The Omnivore’s Dilemma carrying it back and forth from work every day. As inspirational as the book has been when it comes to changing my diet, the magazine has been making me feel kind of down on myself. My self-confidence has been really low these past few days. I should have run Friday, but the gang was hanging out. I was going to clean the apartment Sunday instead of running, but the gang was back so I don’t even have a clean apartment to show for my laziness. I was going to run today, even with a hurt heel I wanted to try to go, but I let plans change again, using the excuse of my heel. I know I’m being silly and I should cherish the time with friends while they are here but I keep telling myself that I’m going to exercise and then don’t do so and I’m getting rather frustrated with myself. I just wanted to get that off my chest. Typing it all out helps me feel a little bit better. Thanks for “listening”!


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