Foodie day

I woke up this morning completely geared up to make pumpkin waffles! I got the dry ingredients sifted (subbed wheat flour for all-pupose because it was all I had) and the eggs separated just to find the buttermilk expired. It was disappointing to put things on hold, but I got hubby to go to the farmer’s market with me so no real complaints! It was cold and rainy but he really enjoyed it once we got there and was actually disappointed I hadn’t gotten more money at the ATM (I was too when I realized immediately after spending the last $4 I saw kale, next weekend!)


We got greens, mixed lettuce, a radish (there were samples to taste that convinced the husband), two sweet potatoes, a butternut squash, and okra. I’m excited!

We stopped by Kroger on the way home to get buttermilk and Hubs grabbed some brown sugar sausage links so I finally got my pumpkin waffles! I was nice and let the boys have some too πŸ™‚


“Breakfast” wasn’t until about noon so the cook out was rescheduled for dinner. To hold me over I had some okra

I spent my afternoon baking Irish car bomb cupcakes for Hubby’s birthday. The cake part has Guinness in it, there’s a ganache in the middle of the cake with Irish whisky, and the buttercream icing has Bailey’s in it. I made these Superbowl Sunday and they were a big hit. Unfortunately I completely missed the sugar that was supposed to go in the cake but I think it will still be okay. The ganache is sweeter than called for (semi-sweet chocolate chips instead of bittersweet, which I couldn’t find) and the icing is definitely sweet!
While making the icing I started on a pumpkin beer and nursed it for over an hour
For dinner Dan grilled burgers while I made spinach-turkey burgers for myself, based off the recipe in this article. I think my proportions were off but they weren’t bad. Very mushy so I ended up cooking them on the stove instead of on the grill.
Since they were half spinach I let myself have another patty with more ketchup and onions.
I’m now working on one of my Smuttynose Hanami ales. I plan on making it last again.
Hubby made twice baked potatoes. I had one Lactaid pill left so I dug right in. He used this recipe. Man did I feel like a pig eating this but it was so good!
I’m waiting for everyone to digest before I pull the cupcakes out of the fridge and light some candles to sing happy birthday. I know I’m stuffed! It’s making me very sleepy. I might take a doze with the dogs while I wait πŸ™‚

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