Food policy

Breakfast was the same as yesterday but somehow held me through the morning better. The other half of yesterday’s smoothie and another piece of bread with peanut butter.


For lunch I had last night’s leftovers but remembered to toss on some ground ginger. I don’t know how much it really enhanced the flavors, but I’m not complaining!


Also had a cookie for lunch-dessert. I was going to skip the second until a co-worker brought in iced molasses cookies full of HFCS. I had a nibble and then ate my second oatmeal cookie to keep from more nibbles.


My husband didn’t get out of his lab job until 6. To hold me over until I could eat with him I had the last of the Red Lobster cheddar biscuits. Rather stale, but still tasty!


I need to go grocery shopping so for dinner we finished off the tater tots and I had a black bean Gardenburger. Come to think of it we could have had eggs for dinner. Oh well!



I’m only about 70 pages into The Omnivore’s Dilemma but it’s reinforced my interest in attempting to eat only whole, natural food. I also listened to one of Yale’s Rudd Center iTunes U lectures about food policy and how it could affect nutrition and the environment. My goal for the next month is to eat as many un-chemically processed foods as possible. Nothing with unpronounceable words or possibly based in corn (except maybe actual corn). Ideally I’d like to stick to things with a very short ingredient list. Expect salads, frozen veggies, smoothies, whole grains and legumes. And my baked goods. The only fake things I’m going to expect are my Rieces Pieces. Om nom nom. While one person changing they way they eat may not make a huge difference, the local food movement will send a message. I can’t afford to eat completely local but I plan to do the best I can on a very limited budget.

Through this I also hope to feel better: better rested, more energetic, and maybe even feel better about my body too. I’m going to get back to running (I’ve let myself take several days off to rest up from Saturday) and hopefully make it back to pilates as well. That’s my goal, help me stick to it!


Off to watch the Vampire Diaries!


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