Higgeldy piggeldy

I don’t know why rotated pictures are too big when right side up. All I can do is apologize!

I had spinach that was about to be on its last leg so I made a small but thick smoothie last night before bed. I drank half this morning and will drink the other half tomorrow. No measurements but it contained spinach, nectarine, vanilla whey protein powder, vanilla soy milk, banana, and some water.


Today I tried a new peanut butter! Jif has a new natural style peanut butter. I didn’t examine the ingredient list before buying though, it contains peanuts and sugar with less than 2% of salt and molasses. It was pretty good, not too salty, thankfully. And no stir!



For lunch I had some chili that I bought at the snack bar in the library. It was pretty tasty but having celery in the chili kind of threw me off! Sorry about no picture :/

I got home rather hungry so I had an oatmeal cookie


And maybe a serving of Greenwise wheat crackers. I just know I finished off the box, it seemed like right about a serving.


At Target last night I grabbed a bag of steam-in-the-bag veggies (Archer Farms), a harvest blend which is basically mushroom, carrots, brocc, sugar snap peas, water chestnuts, and onion. I made some brown rice and tossed it with teryaki sauce and some of the veggies. Hubby had some too and I have the leftovers packaged up for lunch tomorrow!


I think I’ve reset my camera to take smaller pictures, we’ll find out tomorrow! I’m going to shower and make my way through another disk of Gossip Girl before Glee!


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