So many goodies

Maybe I’m trying to be crafty by not posting regularly so you won’t realize I forget to take pictures…

Or maybe I just had a bad headache on and off all of yesterday and so basically went to bed when I got home at 4:30…

Either way, yesterday’s at-work food was ever so slightly more interesting than today’s so I’ll show you that instead

I had a piece of bread with peanut butter for breakfast and took a second piece for a snack (both days). Yesterday I also had a leftover cheddar biscuit from Red Lobster packed with a cookie for lunch dessert


I had leftover pesto for lunch (both days) but yesterday had shrimp from Sunday night’s dinner to add to it. So tasty.


I am less than proud of my dinner choices these past two nights. Last night involved a supreme Tostinos pizza (yes, all of it) and tonight was a 1/4 lb single from Wendy’s with half a small fry and some Coke.

But to move on to happier things, let me share all the tempting goodies we currently have in the house…

Fudge (pumpkin, white chocolate, and chocolate raspberry; the regular chocolate and cappucino having already been eaten)


My most guilty pleasure of late:


Oatmeal cookies:


Pumpkin bread (frozen):


Apple bread (frozen):


Not to mention the ingredients for buttermilk-chive biscuits, pumpkin waffles, and more pumkin bread (probably to be turned into muffins!). It’s pretty exciting. I’m not quite sure what to do with myself 🙂

Now I think I’m off to Walmart to look into some boots since it’s supposed to be torrential again tomorrow.

PS, Fitnessista is giving away VEGA goodies! I haven’t talked about it much, but I found the Thrive Diet to be very interesting but the VEGA products are too expensive for my budget.


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