North Georgia part two

After changing into dry clothes after the race we got some Chickfila for second breakfast then headed to the apple festival.


No apples were bought, but we did bring home some fresh cider and some apple bread! The cider tastes very fresh but we haven’t had a chance to try to the bread yet. I had planned to use it to make French toast this morning but didn’t have time. Maybe we’ll do breakfast for dinner.

After the festival we stopped by Starbucks before leaving Ellijay and I got my first pumpkin spice latte! So yummy 🙂


We had a pretty drive home


And since I was just navigating by a map I realized that we would be passing within 4 miles of Amicalola falls so we took advantage of it. Valentine’s day 2006 my husband (then boyfriend!) kidnapped me and took me to Dahlonega for a night. The next morning we got up and he took me on my first trip to the falls. It was snowing! It was perfect.


Not so snowy this time, but still a great trip


There were shirts in the gift shop that say “I survived the 604 steps at Amicalola Falls.” After the race that morning my ankles were shaking by the time we made it down to the bottom. Thankfully its only my calves that are sore today and I only really feel it going down stairs.

In the visitors center there was a a park ranger holding a snake, so Hubs had to go get the camera from the car and take this:


The ranger was so happy to find a woman who likes snakes and I think the Husband was pretty impressed that I’d go this far too.

We swung through Dawsonville on the next leg of our trip. We missed the outlet mall, but found this little place and Hubs demanded we stop.


I considered getting a medium sized brunswick stew and Hubs talked me out of it. I’m glad because it was rather bland. the hot dog was nothing special either.


It was such a fun trip. We’re definitely going to go back next year for the race and get my cousin healthy so she can run it with me! It was so, so nice to be able to visit with my cousin and her husband (and son!)! Now we just need to find more excuses to get together throughout the year 🙂


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