Baker me

Last night I cooked and therefore ran out of blogging time, sorry! But 48 hours from now I’ll be running my first race, ever!

Breakfast was a green monster and a peanut butter sandwich:


Lunch was a typical spinach salad. I didn’t feel like opening a can of beans (how lazy can you get?) so I just tossed some cheese on for protein with the almond slices. I was surprised this actually held me through the afternoon. With some crackers eaten at about 11.



After work I was starting to get hungry so I tried one of the nectarines Hubby picked up for me from Walmart at the beginning of the week. It was really mealy and didn’t have much flavor so I only ate  a few bites before tossing it 😦


He has his late lab on Wednesdays though, so it wasn’t a big deal to go ahead and get dinner in the oven. This is a Pilsbury premade thin crust with Publix brand tomato sauce, fresh basil(!) and Italian blend cheese. I ate the half on the right with less cheese 🙂


After Hubs left for lab I got down to business. I had toasted a bag of pine nuts while the pizza was cooking and then I got to use my fancy, neglected food processor! Love love love pesto but never get to make it because grocery store basil can be so expensive. But guess what, I found a nice big bag of basil for $2 at the farmer’s market so after two long years of waiting I finally get to make my own (and after being disappointed so many times at the beach this summer). Since dinner had been eaten (with the left over basil) this just went into the fridge for meals for the next few days. (I used whole wheat pasta)


And after a few hiccups (had to ask Alex to go to Walmart sooner so I could get some forgotten applesauce, had to ask Hubby to stop on his way home from lab to buy vanilla) I finally got to make some oatmeal cookies. They came out smaller than I expected so I’m going to make a second batch tonight, but omigod, these are so delish! Full of cinnamon and brown sugar, but otherwise completely healthy! The recipe calls for whole wheat flour, unsweetened applesauce instead of oil, and egg whites. I don’t have the recipe link saved on this computer so I’ll have to share it later. But I swear, totally worth the effort and extra hour I stayed up baking!)


I’m taking some to my cousin and her husband for letting us crash tomorrow night before the race (they’re running it too) and leaving some for Alex and Dan for watching the pups while we’re gone. Yum yum yum.


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