Oopsy daisy

I got so caught up in the search for our food processor last night that I completely forgot to post! Or forgot until I had already climbed into bed nearly an hour later than I should have. So I made time to work it out so I can post from work. Weehee!

Yesterday morning my smoothie was still frozen though it had been in the fridge overnight, so I had a leftover biscuit (times two) before leaving for work.


At about nine I predictably got hungry again so I had some yogurt, granola, and Kashi Go Lean Crunch. Tasty.


Hungry again by 11 so I had some crackers… these Greenwise ones still taste buttery to me.


Lunch was grab and go… the last piece of Mellow Mushroom veggie pizza. So tasty.


After work Hubby and I went straight to the leasing office to pay our (late) rent (it’s officially on my Google Calendar to remind me to get it paid every month from now on). Got there to realize that the check book I’ve been carrying around is actually empty so we went home again.

Hubs turned in his key to Subway while waiting for me to get off work and picked us up dinner while there. He got me a turkey, ham and pepperoni six inch with lettuce, green peppers, red onion, and honey mustard. It was pretty good.


We also polished off the okra I bought at the farmer’s market Saturday.

After dinner I watched two episodes of Gossip Girl with Alex and then got down to searching for the food processor so I could make pesto. After going through the boxes in the top of our bedroom closet I realized that there was a box of kitchen appliances in the laundry room. By that point I had already volunteered to ride to the grocery store with Alex to keep her company, so no real cooking actually got done last night. It will happen tonight though! Basil wants to be eaten!

So that was my Tuesday, tata!


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