Early to bed

I plan to retire scandalously early this evening. I plan to blog, feed the dogs, medicate Rose, shower, maybe some yoga and then sleepy time. Maybe it was just blood sugar crashing, but my energy was just gone this afternoon. I had a pack of these terrible cookies one our part-time retirees brings in when she finds them on sale at CVS (they’re always terrible, I should have known to avoid them) and immediately felt queasy and light headed for the rest of the afternoon. I doubt it was actually the cookies, but it was conveniently timed.

Anywho, breakfast was some plain organic yogurt by Private Selection with Kashi Go Lean. Not the tastiest combination, but this yogurt doesn’t bother my stomach nearly as much as the Cabot was. It’s a shame… I like the Cabot so much more.


I took some Publix Greenwise wheat crackers which I ate at about 10:30 as a snack and had a spinach salad for lunch! It’s been awhile on the salads, forgive my excitement. This had spinach, sliced almonds, and some kidney beans. After the picture was taken I added a slice of tomato and some red onion pieces left over from Saturday.


After the cookie incident I decided that I’d come home and cook an early dinner before my early bedtime goal. Husband has his last shift at Subway tonight so I don’t feel guilty about not spending time with him or anything. I may actually miss his evening shifts and having the apartment to myself like this, he’s been working evenings for years and years, since before we were even engaged. Oh well. Ideally I’ll be sleeping better and won’t need early nights anymore 🙂

Dinner was some brown rice with the very last of the stirfry veggies. I honestly thought there were more left than this, but I did what I could. I cooked them in a little bit of the sauce that the pack comes with and some toasted sesame seeds, which will always be added from now on! Yum



I am absolutely determined to make it to the farmer’s market this weekend. I’ve been meaning to go all summer but only ever think of it on Sundays. It’s open on Saturdays. Kale and okra are must-haves if any is left at this time of year. Otherwise I’ll just generally wander and see if I can meet up with my coworker.

I have so much to look forward to this weekend it’s killing me that its not Friday yet.

  • Friday 6:30 – running date with a girl I had my spring class with who was Husband’s TA that same semester
  • Saturday morning – farmers market… maybe meet Hannah?
  • Saturday early afternoon – cousin in town for football game, hope to meet up
  • Saturday 3:30 – UGA vs LSU, Husband’s first Georgia game (my 2nd, went to a UGA vs Tech game years ago with an ex)
  • Sunday – lunch with my parents then a trip to an adorable knitting store with them and hopefully Alex.

Seriously though, can we just skip to tomorrow yet?

ETA I forgot to mention that my mom definitely got us tickets to see the Bangles! It will be a total Gilmore Girls moment. Not to mention the fact that Hubby and I danced to Eternal Flame at our wedding 🙂 So so so excited. And we get to go back the next weekend for Brian van der Ark (better known as the lead singer of the Verve Pipe, anyone remember the song “the Freshman”?). Woo, next month! Have I mentioned that this is my favorite time of year?!


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