Yoga I missed you

Breakfast was a smoothie! This is the other half of Saturday’s smoothie. I froze it after drinking the first half to keep it for this week and forgot about it. Yay nutrients!


I also had a lick of peanut butter while giving Rose her pills.


I didn’t have my usual slice of bread with peanut butter since that’s essentially what I had for lunch… So exciting, right? Good thing I still love peanut butter after all these years. I also had some Sunmaid berry medley dried fruit on the side (in lieu of jelly)


I ate lunch at 11 and worked through my normal lunch break because I left early to go to the doctor. Just a check up, I’ll call in 2 weeks to make sure everything’s healthy. They were refusing to keep refilling my birth control without seeing me in person though. Before leaving the office at 1:30 I also had this:


Sugar! But it has live cultures so I’ll roll with it.

Since I was driving by the store on the way home anyway I stopped in to buy more spinach and some plain yogurt for breakfasts the rest of the week. After I got home it was time to run!

Exercise: I started in on the sprint workouts on Monday and even though I couldn’t hold out for the instructed duration it still left me with sore quads and a strained right calf. Thankfully the calf was feeling better this afternoon so I thought I’d try today’s long run anyway: Run 40 minutes; for the next 8 minutes run one, walk one. I covered 3.69 miles in the first 40 and finished over all with 4.3. It’s so cool to think that each run is a new PR for me at this point! I was pretty excited.

Dinner: I didn’t follow Brendan Brazier’s recovery plan very well and just sort of ate as I got hungry, about 45 minutes after getting home. I’m sure this looks rather familiar, but I had Husband’s leftover mac’n’cheese from last night, a dab of potato salad, and some almost thawed veggies.


That’s a lot of macaroni. I’m not stuffed though so no complaints here.

After a shower and bathing Rose I just did Yoga Download’s 20 minute Lunar flow (#1) and feel all nice and relaxed. I’m now leaning towards and episode of Gossip Girl before watching Glee at 9!


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