The unhealthier side of me

Well I didn’t get up at 8:00 to run, but I did get one in later! It was tough, slow, and I was running with a cramped diaphragm the whole frickin time. I strongly considered waiting and just doing tomorrow’s scheduled run but chose to run today, skip tomorrow, and run again on Monday.

I had a couple of unpictured pieces of bread with peanut butter, one at 11:30 when I got up and one after my run. After my shower I had a green monster! It included the last of my spinach, banana, protein powder, some rhubarb.


We had football games on all afternoon which of course requires football snacks. The gang decided to wait to grill burgers and dogs until after the game so lunch/first dinner was Totinos pizza rolls.


I’m annoyed to say that I ate my weight in these things. But I’ve been thinking I need to experiment with eating more to lose more weight (as explained in this post) so I’m not beating myself up too much (though it should be healthier food I’m eating more of, not junk like this). After a walk to get the mail and a nap I’m no longer uncomfortably full.

Dan’s friends brought okra from their garden! Love love love okra. I’ve been meaning to buy some and Hubs now agrees that it needs to be on the grocery list. I had a few pieces which were just microwaved with a little evoo and some salt. Loves it.


There will be more food later but until then I have the apartment to myself (and three dogs). I plan on reading more of the Thrive Diet (since I have to turn it in on Thursday) and watching some Gossip Girl!


Don’t scroll down unless you want nightmares… Our neighbors (we live in a duplex) unfortunately hunt deer and occasionally (okay at least once a week for the past month) clean them from something they have rigged between our decks. I thankfully haven’t seen them at it yet, but they left a nice skull hanging from it Wednesday night. I’m not a fan of hunting. Or catch and release fishing, for that matter.



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