Could you repeat that?

Breakfast I got my free Bear Naked sample in the mail yesterday! There’s an ad on Facebook you can request a sample though. I’m a fan of cranberry raisin.



It has a lovely ingredient list (all pronounceable!). The flavor couldn’t hold up against my yogurt though. The yogurt isn’t very strongly flavored vanilla, but I could only really taste the raisins in this mix. I ended up just eating the cereal off the top and finishing the yogurt with some Kashi Go Lean for a little extra fiber.

A coworker went to her doctor this morning, who’s office is next door to a local bakery. She brought back donuts! I nabbed a red velvet donut which had chocolate icing 🙂 (Our wedding cake was red velvet) You can tell they donuts are made in store. Mine was actually a little dry but I suffered through and ate it. No picture though. sorry!

Lunch More shrimp fried rice. I added some thawed stir fry vegetables at lunch time.


Snack I have a picture of a pear for you today! It’s amazing! The donut held me through the morning so I waited and ate the pear this afternoon.


Dinner Are you sick of seeing this yet? Because I’m getting a little tired of it. This is the last of the fried rice though. It just tastes more and more buttery the longer I have to eat it. It’s good, especially when I add my own vegetables, but I’ve had four meals of it now? It’s a bit much.


Dan’s friends aren’t here yet. Their ETA keeps being pushed back by two hours here or two hours there. I’m having a cup of black tea (with peach syrup) in the hopes that it will keep me awake enough to read until they get here. But first I have to get through the Shall We Dance scene in The King and I. My favorite!


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