Breakfast Today I had a much healthier green monster! Two big handfuls of spinach, some rhubarb, protein powder, water, a banana and I have breakfast for two days in a row:


With a peanut butter sandwich to round things out


Lunch was eaten in two stages again today. Salad at 11 to stop my tummy from rumbling


And tuna and a serving of these crackers at noon:


This basically taste like Wheat Thins, but they also taste slightly buttered. Tasty, but maybe not as healthy as I was hoping.

Dinner was microwaved egg, some black beans, peppers, rice, cheese, and Mrs Dash chipotle seasoning. A little on the dry side, eaten with some tortilla chips.


I didn’t sleep well last night so the plan is to watch perhaps a little more Gossip Girl, do some much needed yoga (didn’t stretch very well after the gym yesterday and my quads are feeling it today), and if I manage to perk up I might put together a special post before bed. We’ll see how much work getting pictures off my backup drive ends up being.


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