Back to the grind

Breakfast I had Kashi Go Lean with Cabot Greek style yogurt for breakfast. I think maybe it’s just this yogurt that affects my lactose intolerance so badly. When I was eating other yogurts it wasn’t so bad but today I was mighty uncomfortable so this breakfast is going to be saved for a weekend treat.


Snack Pears were on sale at Kroger when we were there friday night so I grabbed one on my way out the door this morning, knowing I’d be hungry. No picture! I was running late.

There was leftover birthday cake in the office today which was tempting. I got through the morning reminding myself that I wasn’t hungry and that I had an outstanding piece of cake with dinner last night. After lunch was a little tough, I always want something sweet after a meal. I mentioned it to the woman who brought it in and she said she was rather disappointed with it, that it hadn’t gotten wrapped up properly and was quite dry. She talked me out of it! Normally I always give in to cake, but last night’s tiramasu layer cake was so delish that a simple yellow cake with chocolate icing would have blemished the memory. Plus I’m really trying to work on eating more intuitively and I just wasn’t hungry or craving sweets. Or not until after lunch at least, by which point I was feeling gross thanks to starting my day with dairy. I feel like it was an easy win and let me have a bigger, tastier dinner later 🙂

Lunch Bet you can’t guess what I had! Yuppers, it was a spinach salad with peppers, almond slivers, and balsamic vinaigrette.


With tuna (my favorite flavor!) and the last of these Kashis to round out the meal. At least I’ll have a new cracker to review tomorrow!


Exercise It’s been pouring for days here but I was determined to get in a run today. It was dry when I got home but as I was changing it started to absolutely pour, so I remembered that little gym membership that I have and figured I’d grind it out on the treadmill. By the time I was leaving the house the rain had stopped again. I started to regret driving to the gym, but there was so much water dripping off the trees I would have been wet anyway. Then driving up the street I would have been running along, I saw a girl get completely drenched by a passing car. No more regrets!

Running 36 minutes on a treadmill is really, really boring and therefore really tough mentally. I took breaks at minute 22 and 26 for about a minute each. I got myself through 35 minutes by telling myself to make it to 30 minutes, then round out 3 miles, then 3 more minutes to complete the 35. I then reversed the run/walk intervals to walk a minute, run a minute for 6 minutes. Definitely happy I made it through but it was tough. With 4 minutes of walking to cool down I did 3.85 miles.

Dinner I came home in time to give the dogs dinner and their medicines right on schedule. I put a pot of brown rice on to cook and hung out with Rose and had Hubby help me take care of those blisters. They’re now gone, yay!

After forever the rice was done and I reheated leftovers from Saturday. Grilled asparagus, tomatoes, squash, onion and zuchini, grilled hot sausage (on the rice) and cheesy potatoes. A very tasty dinner. And very filling though my stomach is starting to empty out again (which might mean there’s room for dessert!)


I’m not a fan of the texture of brown rice. The last few times I’ve made it I took it off the stove a good 5-10 minutes before the cooking instructions recommended and the texture was perfect (soft and mushy). Today I let it cook the full time and it was chewy so I think the key (for me at least) is less cooking time. Glad I figured this out!


I’m quite beat. I woke up right at midnight last night as though I still had to wake up to dose the dogs. Stupid internal clock seriously can work against a girl! I think it will probably take me a few nights to get it set back to normal. With that in mind I’m now going to take a shower and hopefully get in bed not too long after 9:00.


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