Successful food experiment!

Breakfast: I’m back to my green monsters! It may only last about a day though… I’m off tomorrow for some doctor’s appointments. Nothing interesting, just the annual stuff, dentist, dermatologist, etc. I have some Kashi cereal I look forward to tasting tomorrow morning.

This smoothie was a whole banana, a huge handful of spinach, handful of frozen rhubarb, and three frozen strawberries. With a scoop of whey protein and a cup of water. I think I need to take advantage of my blender’s puree setting more often. Half the time my smoothies end up with a kind of curdled texture I don’t appreciate, even though I shake them up before drinking. Anybody have any idea why this might happen?


And a piece of whole wheat bread with peanut butter. Gotta cover all my nutritional bases: vegetable, fruit, protein, whole grain, healthy fats… A perfect breakfast!


Lunch I’ve been rather repetitive with my lunches this week, haven’t I? I’m a simple girl, what can I say. It was all eaten at my desk again, salad, the last of the tuna packet, and Kashis.



Dinner But I tried something new for dinner! I bought some Nasoya cubed tofu at the store last week and have been trying to figure out how to use it. Well I also picked up some frozen stir fry veggies at Walmart on Sunday.


I started out pressing some of the water out and then “dry frying” it by heating it on medium low heat and putting pressure on it with a spatula, squeezing out more water. I read that the more water you can get out, the more marinade that the tofu will absorb. I had some brown rice cooking, dry fried the tofu and put it in some of this while the rice finished up:


I then heated up some of the veggies (skipped the sauce that it came with tonight) and then dumped the tofu and marinade in with the veggies to warm it all back up.

When the rice finished I scooped some up and tossed everything (tofu, veggies, marinade and all). It was really good! But the tofu was really, really salty from the teriyaki. I wonder if letting it soak for less time would help?


Either way I’m feeling very balanced and pleasantly full (but not overly stuffed). This is my first time really cooking something off the cuff, I’m so proud of myself! Dan and I are settling in to watch the Tech game and I need some aqua! Go Jackets!!!


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