An old favorite

Breakfast Before dropping Rose off at the vet, Hubby and I stopped by Chickfila again… Chicken biscuit and a large coffee. I don’t like needing caffeine. I’d rather keep coffee something I only associate with vacations. Sorry for the overexposed picture… My attempt at subtlety in the office wasn’t as subtle as I would have liked.


Breakfast lasted me all the way through lunch time. Unfortunately lunch was eaten late. Rose’s platelet count was too low to do the surgery today so I had to rush t pick her up on my break. I had another third of the tuna packet I started yesterday, about a serving of the same Kashi crackers, and once I made it back to the office I had a spinach salad.


The vet wants to retest Roses PCP in five to ten days (we won’t talk about how expensive the test is). He also saw some infection starting, so she’s on stronger antibiotics. We also have to actually start flushing out her mouth after meals. I’ve only got the heart to do it half the time… when her pain medicine hasn’t started to wear off. She trembled a bit when I did it, but didn’t jerk away too much.

Dinner I was going to make myself scrambled eggs, but the spatulas were in the (running) dishwasher. Then I had a flash of inspiration! I had completely forgotten about the frittata type things I used to make a few months ago. Hubby bought eggs at the store. I love these things! Tonight’s included two eggs, about 1/3 cup black beans, two pinches Mexican mix cheese, some diced bell peppers, and Mrs. Dash southwest chipotle seasoning. Yum yum.


Followed with some mindlessly munched chips and salsa. Tasty, but I was finishing up an episode of Gossip Girl and ate more than I would have liked.

Still no exercise. I got up to deal with the dogs again last night and just didn’t get enough sleep again. I’m going to go make a smoothie for tomorrow and a lunchtime salad so that I won’t let the stress tempt me into less healthy food choices. And then I’ll go to bed for a few hours. I told hubby I’d wait up until he got home from bio lab (at almost 9) but I’m just not feeling up to it. Goodnight!


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