Food post!

It’s about time, eh?

Breakfast: I had a serving of  Kashi Go Lean and about a 3/4 a serving of Dannon natural low fat (non fat?) yogurt. Since everyone else is watching a movie in the living room I’m probably going to skip making a smoothie tonight and have this same breakfast again tomorrow.


Hubby went to the vet with me and the dogs this morning. Gypsy is now on pain meds, but otherwise she’s good. Rose is going in for surgery on Wednesday. I don’t know how she’s handled so much pain so far! I guess because she’s a pit bull. I’m amazed, after seeing the inside of her mouth, that she’s soooooo willing to eat! She needs stitches on the left upper side, he’s going to try to pull some gum tissue for the right upper side where you can see all of her jaw bone, and her front teeth and a little bit of bone are just holding on by a little bit of gum. My baby is such a trooper! She’s now on two pain medicines and we got some ointment for her eyes.

On the way home we stopped by Chickfila and got a second breakfast. Chicken biscuit and a small coffee. Yum yum yum.


Lunch: leftover Annie’s bunnies and cheese from… Friday night?


And a bit later I had a salad with Italian mix with mushrooms and sliced almonds


And a cookie! My father and brother in law came out for a cook out last Saturday and my mother in law sent cookies when she wasn’t able to come. Chocolate chocolate chips with either walnuts or pecans.


After napping most of the afternoon we made a much needed trip for groceries. I realized this afternoon that half the canned food I bought for Rose is actual chunks of meat instead of all ground and I think it hurt her to try to eat it, so we had to buy more.

While there I got another Pillsbury pizza crust. We split it down the middle. My half had sauce, a little bit of cheese, red, yellow, and green peppers, mushrooms, spinach, and some cherry tomatoes that were on their last leg.



And more dessert! the last piece of pound cake, split in half with the Husband.


I also drank half a gin and tonic before accidently dropping it and splashing Rose’s (uninjured) back end, who hightailed it away. She definitely seems to be feeling a lot better now that she’s on two pain meds.

I’m still exhausted! I’m going to go hit the sheets. Luckily my lunch is already put together for tomorrow. I really wish I didn’t have to leave the girls again tomorrow, but I told my boss this morning that I’ll be in late Wednesday after dropping Rose off at the vet and that I might have to be out Thursday to watch her. I already requested off on Friday because I have some doctors appointments scheduled. I wish I could stay home, but we’re already short staffed at work and I feel guilty. We’ll just have to lock the girls up separately tomorrow.


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