A scary sight


Most of yesterday was great. There was tailgating, hanging out with new friends and staring matches with strangers. I made pretty good food decisions and drank way too much. I even sucked it up and took pictures of my food in front of those new friends, but after later events I don’t want to talk about it.

Roommate Z got home with McDonalds and at about the same time Dan’s pizzas arrived. I put the dogs in the bedroom since we were eating on the floor. About 15 minutes later I went upstairs to use the bathroom. I opened the bedroom door to find the floor covered in blood. Back downstairs to get my phone. I don’t think I said more than “there’s so much blood” before Jason was saying “I’ll be there in five minutes.” Downstairs again to get Alex who looked and called Dan and just a moment later Jason was home. We went to the emergency vet where we’ve been when the dogs have done this before (while boarding at the vet, no less). They’re on antibiotics and Rose is on pain medicine. She lost 6 teeth that we’ve found, two canines. The vet said you can see her jawbone. She’ll eat canned food though and she’s finally sleeping now that she’s had more pain medicine.

Our wonderful friends scrubbed and scrubbed our bedroom floor while we were at the vet and washed the clothes that were on the bedroom floor. I haven’t looked to see whether any blood that might have been on the clothes has come out.

I gave in to the four hours of sleep, alcohol, and stress and had fast food burger and fries with a coke for lunch. And I completely feel better.

Normal food photography will resume this evening.


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