Trial and error, away we go!

And we’re up and running! I have to admit that I have yet to figure out how to move my old blog to this one without potentially opening my computer up to hackers in the process… So we’ll just be without them for a bit. Please feel free to check out my WordPress blog if you are interested!

I did at least fix my computer issues today. It seems that I just had so many pictures on the memory chip that it overwhelmed my computer. The gentleman at Canon suggested I try a different chip and see if that would work. It did, so I cleaned out the original (much larger) memory chip picture by picture and voila! I can upload pictures again! In the process I realized that I haven’t had frozen pizza or Arby’s in months. Go me! Okay, so maybe it’s more like a month, but every little bit counts!

And now let me tell you about today’s chow!

Breakfast was incredibly basic… a smoothie (Green Monster!) with a very large handful of spinach, one cup of water, one scoop of whey protein powder, 4 frozen strawberries, and a handful of frozen rhubarb. Followed by a piece of Private Selection wheat bread with Simply Jiff peanut butter. Following my fruits and veggies with whole grains and healthy fats really helps with the staying full power. Take a look:


And now we move straight to dessert! I’m afraid I still don’t have all of these kinks worked out. I need to find someway to resize pictures before I can upload a lot of them! What fun this adventure is. Dessert was a sliver of pound cake that my mom sent home with us Monday night and a cookie that my step mother-in-law sent us when she couldn’t join us for dinner Saturday.


I’m sorry this is such a trial folks. I’m working on it. I’m making progress! Just have to take it a day (and a solution!) at a time. 🙂


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