No pictures :/

Well I haven’t heard back from BlueHost yet about helping me get my old blog stuff imported. I also got distracted by Alex arriving for our run earlier so neglected to call Canon about why my computer isn’t seeing my camera to upload pictures. I’m hoping there is just a patch needed for Snow Leopard but I did kind of drop it over the weekend… I hope I haven’t broken it! I’m so paranoid about me and technology even though so far none of the problems with it over the past few days have been my fault.

So I’m afraid its another pictureless post for you guys… My eats for the day were incredibly basic anyway. Green monster and peanut butter on toast for breakfast, salad for lunch, a cup or two of tea, Wendy’s chili for dinner. There might have been a sneaky cookie or two and a piece of pound cake leftover from Monday night as well.

But my training run went well! Since Alex hasn’t really run with me since May we took it really slow (like 12:30 miles slow) and we did it all! Well there was a brief pause (20 seconds?) at an intersection. The routine was: Run for 32 minutes; next 6: run 2, walk 1. So we ran a total of 2.94 miles and walked two for warmup/cool down so that Mr. Garmin chimed the 5 mile mark just as we made it to the apartment.

Thanks to Angela’s tutorial I got my Google Calendar set up nice and purdy! I don’t know how to take screen shots, otherwise I’d share my organization.

Kelsey shared a really interesting article! It’s about the energy density of food. You should check it out too.

Shower time!



  1. I rig screen shots. Are you on mac or PC? For PC, hit “Ctrl” and “PrtSc” at the same time, and then copy into something like PhotoShop (or even PictureManager or Word, the image will copy anywhere). For Mac, ask your mom. 😉

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