Yesterday Alex suggested that we have tacos for dinner. When it didn’t look like they’d be home by 7:30 or so I finished off my Kroger brand crackers


And ultimately she and Dan decided they weren’t that hungry so I had Annie’s mac’n’cheese with a crown of broccoli. Yum yum I do love my broccoli.


At about 10:00 we got changed and walked up the hill to a house party the neighborhood was invited to. It was crowded so we didn’t stay long but it was nice to see what the brand new townhomes look like on the inside. I had a Bud Light with dinner, a cup of Keystone Light at the party and four jello shots that happened to walk by. General consensus was that the party was okay, people didn’t really mingle outside of their groups, but that we need to start making jello shots again. I ended up until almost two watching What a Girl Wants.

My hips/glutes are a bit tight from that speedy run yesterday. I hope I can keep it up!

Since I was out of yogurt (since restocked) I was at a loss about breakfast so I had cinnamon sugar toast, followed by the very last of the melon.


For lunch I sauteed some onions and peppers, opened a can or two and a jar or two and threw together a taco salad. Quite tasty and super filling! I used the last of my tortillas, tearing it up over the salad. Maybe I’ll do this again for tomorrow… Hmmmm.


I ate a stack of Ritz crackers (oops) and later had a sundried tomato and basil Gardenburger. I was kind of rushed so didn’t particularly notice the flavor.


Husband and I went to a local coffee chain, Jittery Joes, so he could meet his work buddy to study biology for their test tomorrow. I made some good progress in The Botany of Desire and had some rooibos tea from Harney and sons. I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the tea but it had cranberry and other spices in it that reminded me of the holidays. So good with tons of honey. 🙂


After the boys finished up we walked over to Husband’s work (finding his study buddy beat us there!) and got sandwiches. My sandwich of choice (and part of why I never eat Subway) is basically a pepperoni and onion pizza on wheat. Their pizzas are twice as expensive so sandwich form is how it goes.


With a chocolate chip cookie!!! I need to find a better way to satisfy my craving for sweets after a meal. It might start getting me in trouble.


Today I also made another batch of granola bars. I tried toasting the sesame seeds and might have over done it, we’ll see. I also added dried fruit which I’m looking forward to. We’ll see how they are tomorrow!

We also watched Taken this evening. I like Liam Neeson and the human trafficking is disturbing but it’s a really odd mix of political/human interest movie and straight action flick. Probably not something I’d seek out to watch again, but after all the talk it got when it came out I’m glad I saw it.

Time to go make a smoothie and get to bed on time!


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