A fan of Henry VIII

Breakfast: Well needless to say, the blender was still dirty come time to work on today’s food so I used up the last of my Greek yogurt with some cereal


Snack: I’ve noticed that most people eat things like bread and almond butter before a workout. Carbs and protein. So I reversed the order in which I usually eat my snacks and ate my melons in the morning. I had left half this container in the fridge at work yesterday knowing I’d eat it today.


Lunch: Back to salads! Today’s was a bit of an experiment, I added some of my leftover garlic and herb flavored brown rice and ate it with the Ken’s Lite Raspberry Walnut dressing. Once the flavors had a chance to meld it was better, but not something I’d particularly recommend. I also had some sprouts and red, green, and yellow peppers hiding under the spinach.


Snack 2: Another homemade energy bar! The pumpkin seeds totally soothed my craving for something salty, thankfully! That was driving me crazy!


Fitness: After my housemates left for various jobs and class I got down and dirty with my favorite trainer. Today I got to move up to level two of the 30 Day Shred! It was so so so exciting to have some new dialogue and learn some new moves! And I can’t tell you how pleased I was to be able to do ALL of the walking pushups, and not on my knees! All of the level one pushups were done girly style but not today! That was a boost of selfconfidence… which was soon torn down when we got to the cardio bits. Hot damn, woman! The strength stuff I can handle, I’m used to being frustrated by my lack of arm strength, and I used to do pilates at least once a week, every week so the ab work wasn’t too bad but that cardio kicked my ass! Which is excellent, by the way 🙂

Dinner: Din-din was more leftovers, but the rice is now gone and there’s only about one serving left of the pasta. Still just as tasty though! 🙂


I might have also indulged my appetite by trying a Gardenburger California burger. It was good! I think there’s cabbage in there, which reminded me of spring rolls. Yum!


And I finished off last night’s stack of roasted vegetable Ritz crackers. Yum yum yum. This times about 2 or 3. A bit gluttonous perhaps, but now that this package is gone I won’t be tempted anymore.


Entertainment: Now that Husband is back in school I get to take over the Netflix queue again and I got The Other Boleyn Girl today! I went through a major Henry VIII kick about three years ago which actually coincided really nicely with our Christmas trip to England. My dad even got a picture of me posing with a life size wax figurine of Henry when we visited Warwick castle (though Henry himself never bothered to visit). I haven’t read all of Phillipa Gregory’s books about the Tudor period but I have read this one and as far as I can remember (having read it 3 years ago) the movie basically stuck with it. Unfortunately you totally lost all sense of time such as how it took years for Henry to break with Rome and nearly as long for Anne to actually conceive which probably caused more strain in their relationship than the actual religious strife did. Of course having months and years flash up on the screen every few seconds as new events occur would be completely lost on most viewers. And I won’t do more than mention the fact that Eric Bana looks nothing like Henry, though nor does Jonathan Rhys Meyers which is part of why I refuse to watch Tudors (though might soon give in thanks to the power of Netflix and my summer professor saying there are some worthwhile historical bits mixed in amongst all the sex). But I do like Natalie Portman and the costumes were lovely. Obviously it was never intended to be completely historically accurate, but I’d definitely watch it again!

I took a break about 2/3s of the way through the movie to do the dishes and reward myself with some dessert:


After dinner last night Hubby and I ran to Walmart and by his work where he got a free sandwich and I got free cookies 🙂 I might have neglected to mention the one I ate last night in the car… So good.

Off to watch the special features! I should probably put together tomorrow’s smoothie and salad first though :/ I imagine I would regret it if I didn’t.


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