Anyone got any dessert?

I don’t have any dessert but I’d love something sweet to cleanse my palate. Anyone want to help out?

Breakfast: I found a big container of Greek yogurt at Kroger that is relatively affordable! Yay! It is full fat, so that and the digestive issues mildly associated with dairy will relegate it to special occasions (mostly weekends).  But I was too lazy to make a smoothie last night.


I also tried a new flavor of Kashi:


The cereal was good but my tastebuds were focusing on the plain yogurt, which I’m not entirely used to. It was all good though!


Snack I ended up very hungry by 11:00 so I ate the fruit I packed then.


Lunch: Husband met up with roommate and they ate lunch together, so Hubby was kind enough to offer to bring me lunch. I ate half of the vegetarian burrito (whole wheat wrap(?), rice, black beans, cheese, lettuce, and peppers) and the chips and salsa. I’ll take my camera tomorrow ( I hope!) to photograph the other half of the wrap. The roasted peppers were a great addition! Good choice Husband!

Dogs waiting on food:


Fitness: I gave in and bought my own copy of the Shred! It finally came so I sent back the Netflix copy. I did my 8th day of Level one. I’ve been admiring my arms lately, but they were tired today! I couldn’t do as much as I could, but I can just imagine what they’ll look like when I’m done with the 30 days!


I noticed today that my toe nail is broken! I don’t seem to remember stubbing my toe yesterday, so it must have broken on the run yesterday. It doesn’t hurt, but I read about runners who lose their toenails. I don’t think 3 miles is enough to do that, but maybe its a sign to lose the suffocating nail polish. I don’t want to erase the purple though!


Dinner: I wanted a salad but all of my salad dressings are at work, so I decided to use salsa (TJ’s peach), which lead to adding a black bean burger patty (Gardenburger), which lead to cheese, and then a dab of Greek yogurt! It was lovely.



I also finished off the blue chips. No preservatives means they needed to be eaten! I had somewhere between a serving and two, I wasn’t counting. But they’re gone!


I also had about 8 oz of my peach iced tea this afternoon. I only used about 2 tablespoons of syrup to 8 cups of tea so it was very subtle. I might add another tablespoon and see how it is tomorrow.

I’m going to go make Angela’s granola bars!


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