New running route!

Since I’m out of spinach and didn’t think about the fact that smoothies can be made with just fruit, protein, and water, I had a giant bowl of cereal and yogurt for breakfast. So Good! I couldn’t get my food scale to turn on (too lazy to head upstairs for batteries) so the proportions are something like finish-box-of-cereal to five-heaping-spoonfuls-yogurt.


Around lunch time I decided dairy first thing in the morning is no good. Maybe that’s what was causing my stomach discomfort for so long. It did keep me full till lunch though!

Lunch time was thrown together knowing pb&j isn’t usually filling enough, so I took a Gardenburger, ketchup, and a piece of wheat bread. I also ate another serving of SunChips (which are living in my desk, thus no picture).


Before leaving work I had another piece of bread with Simply Jiff.

After Husband left for work I decided to try Dan’s old running route from when he lived about a block away from where we are now. Thankfully after last night and today’s rain it was overcast most of the time I was out and there was a pretty good breeze on most of the roads.

Total I did about 3.8 miles, including my walking warm up and cool down. I also walked intersections, including around and under the highway. I would estimate that in total I ran about 3 miles though. My running pace was a pretty steady 10.3 minutes per mile. It’s a bit slower than I’d like, but I was struggling on the second to last hill, I won’t lie (the last hill I got to take a break before, waiting to cross a street). It was pretty easy and I actually played with how my feet land a good amount, swapping between landing on my heel (as usual) and landing more on the ball of my foot (which is supposed to help prevent injury). There were times that I started switching to the front strike to give certain muscles a rest, though I didn’t like how tense I was holding my ankles in the process.

More leftovers! Probably more tomorrow too 🙂 With chips again… Not much to say about this really, I think its fairly self explanatory.



And I decided to swap it up for dessert and have the last of these from the party Saturday. It definitely takes like juice but has the same alcohol content as beer. So tasty and easy to drink… I will always have a soft spot for Mike’s.


Off to finish chapter one of chemistry and look over the study guide my darling Husband made :). I hope to finish in time to shower and get in 20 minutes or so of yoga before bed. I think my legs and hips deserve it!


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