Why’s the breeze hot too?

Look what I found this morning:


I didn’t know Rose had followed Jason to bed, otherwise she would have slept with us. Her hips don’t let her jump up on our tall bed anymore. I guess sleeping in stinky workout clothes is as close as she could find to sleeping with me 🙂  (Excuse the mess, we have very little storage and I wash all my workout clothes separately so they will hold up longer, thus the pile on the closet floor instead of in a laundry hamper)

Breakfast was the usually, spinach, frozen strawberries (vitamin C helps bring out the iron), and some leftover melon from Saturday’s party. It really helps to sweeten the smoothie!


New protein powder, by the way. Can’t tell that much difference from the Designer Whey, though I think this does keep me full slightly longer thanks to slightly more protein


Morning snack was another one of these  babies:


Lunch was a salad with green peppers and the last of the box of AllBran crackers with turkey and cheese. Yum.


I ate another serving of my bag of Sunchips at 2ish and ate the snack I finally remembered to take at 3:40ish. Whole wheat bread with Simply Jiff


After seeing Husby off to work I hit the study for level one of the 30 day shred, followed by a walk around the block with the dogs to get the mail. They agree that if it really has to be hot, the breeze at least needs to be slightly cooler than air temperature.

Dinner was leftovers! They really weren’t as good as last night’s though. We still don’t have a full sized casserole dish and had to split this into two. We finished off the first last night and I think this one didn’t get as much picante sauce or something. It just isn’t nearly as flavorful. Or maybe I was just a lot more hungry last night.


With blue chips for scooping.


I’m not going to lie, there’s probably going to be another one of these soon, if Husband has left any:


Now sadly I am out of spinach. Breakfast can be covered by yogurt and cereal, but I’m at a slight loss as to what to do about lunch… This might force me to get creative!

Off to shower and read some more chemistry! And hopefully catch up on a bit of sleep 🙂


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