More Chinese

Sorry for the belated post, didn’t feel like blogging last night. Breakfast was a smoothie:


Tried another new (to me) Luna bar… not bad, wish there were more raisins


Lunch was typical



After a few brief errands I rushed home to Shred and shower to be greeted afterwards with poker and this:


Longshot Cranberry Wit from Sam Adams. We bought a 6 pack of 3 different national homebrewer winners to try. This is one of them. I also drank this lovely concoction. It was made before I made it downstairs… blue curacao, gin, coconut rum, and orange juice? Pretty good


Because the gang vegetarian was with us we ended up ordering Chinese to satisfy everyone. Husband and I split egg drop soup again:


And veggie and I split some veggie lo-mein. Very bland and too much food, but oh well.


I ended up not actually finishing the beer. I just didn’t feel like it. After dinner we put on the Tale of Despereaux. It was cute. I was sleepy so it felt quite long, but I think in large part that was because I just wanted to get to bed.

Today’s breakfast and lunch are unphotographed as there was someone sleeping on my couch and I was trying to be minimally disruptive. Breakfast was 1.5 servings of Kashi with skim milk since I’m out of yogurt and couch sleeper was asleep before the movie even really started. Lunch will be a cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese and my snack is a peppermint Luna bar. Not thrilling, but I did my best with limited time.


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