A three course meal

Since I didn’t want to make a smoothie last night, i had cereal and yogurt for breakfast. yum yum yum. Probably a serving of yogurt and about 1.5 servings of Kashi GoLean Crunch.


This kept me nice and full, but I knew I wouldn’t be eating lunch until closer to 1:00, so I had half of this at about 10:


I thought the chocolate raspberry would be a new flavor for me, but it seemed familiar once I started eating it. There’s definitely something fake about it, not as good as the berry one!

My coworker is fostering a dog while her friend is in Egypt for a year and welcomed the dog home last night. She went to check on her at lunch and I volunteered to go with her. Luna is still a little freaked out about the change of situation, but she’s a cute dog. Loves her peanut butter! We walked probably just over a mile to and from her apartment. When we got back to the office I had my salad:


Spinach, green pepper, broccoli, onion, flax, and a slice of Hillshire Farm’s honey roasted turkey. Nowhere near as good as the Boar’s Head I was eating with my family at the beach. Oh well.

Followed by some more crackers. I like them, they have a slightly gritty consistency which I associate with nicer whole grain crackers but there is also a hint of sweetness which reminded me of honey flavored Teddy Grahams the first few times I had them.


I had the other half of the Luna bar this afternoon before leaving work.

I saw the husband off to his job, got changed into some of my sexy new running gear, and walked up the road (15 min) to where the sidewalk starts back up before I actually started running. It was hot, I started out feeling pretty strong but ended up dissolving into more of a run/walk pattern for about 1.25 miles, then another mile walk back home. Walking past the on/off ramps of the highway actually wasn’t that bad. And listening to Mansfield Park helped a little, though the fact that all the character names are mentioned in the first minute or two left me rather bewildered as to who everybody is.

I came home completely drenched in sweat, gulped two glasses of cold water, stretched less than I should have and then jumped in the shower. So far the washing my hair every other day (and in the evenings at that) is going okay, though I’ve only had one real test run. The dry shampoo does a pretty good job, though it does look white in some spots. With a bit of tousling that goes away, though I’m definitely buying some made for brunettes next time. Unfortunately since I do wash my hair at night I have no good way to get it off my neck when I sleep that doesn’t leave it with a kink in it the next morning and straightening it leaves it pretty flat and unimpressive. I really prefer showering at night so that I can sleep in an extra half hour in the morning and to wash the sweat away after a workout (don’t want to take two showers a day, too much water consumption). It’s a conundrum.

Well dinner was in three stages due to my poor planning. First was the other fish filet:


I tried cooking it in the microwave so as not to heat the living room too much with the oven and ended up just making a mess (eaten with ketchup):


Next up came the greens. I’m now out of all but frozen corn as far as veggies are concerned.


This is about half the bag:


And this is the real cause for the staggered dinner:


I didn’t look at the cooking instructions before starting the fish, I assumed it would just take 5 minutes or something like the Near East items I’d cook. But no, it’s real rice and takes 25 minutes. It was quite tasty though. I don’t like the chewiness of brown rice, but I can put up with it if there is this amount of flavoring. I dished too much and ate about 1/3 of the box:


It was a very balanced meal, if I do say so myself. I’m wanting something sweet though, so there might be a spoonful of Mayfield Brown Cow eaten in a moment. I honestly don’t like it enough to have more than that. Just a taste to remind me it’s not my favorite 🙂 .

I’m going to go read a chapter of chemistry before bed! I hope to be in bed by 8:30 tonight since the next three nights are busy. Dinner and a movie with Dan and Alex tomorrow (Tales of Despereaux!), going to Stone Mountain with the gang Friday for drinks (and bar games perhaps), and then we’re having a housewarming party (finally) on Saturday. I honestly don’t know how much I’ll get to exercise tomorrow and Friday, it may have to be pushed back to the weekend.

PS, Melinda is giving away Chobani! I want some!


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