More new things

While Smuttynose is not an Asian brewing company, I thought I would try my other new beer in honor of the Chinese food for dinner: Smuttynose Hanami Ale, our spring seasonal, is inspired by the ancient Japanese tradition of hanami– cherry blossom viewing – when people throughout Japan gather in parks to contemplate the luminous, ethereal sakura blossoms, while consuming copious amounts of food and beer in a joyous, nationwide picnic. Made with a generous amount of natural cherry juice, Hanami Ale is crisp and refreshing, a well-balanced, medium-bodied ale offering subtle, tart cherry flavors – the perfect way to bid farewell to winter’s icy grip and toast the arrival of spring with your own hanami celebration.

It was quite tasty, though not as strong a cherry taste as some others I’ve tried (Sam Adams cherry wheat, Kasteel)




Husband and I split egg drop soup… I’ve never had egg drop soup with meat in it, it was always just egginess and broth. Weird and not what I was looking for (though the soup itself was good).


I got shrimp chow mein (forgot to ask about brown rice). I’ve never had chow mein before an was taken aback by the thick soggy fried things that were once crispy noodles. The noodles ended up tasting like some sort of dessert, I can’t remember what, so I focused on the veggies and the one shrimp that made it on to my plate. Needless to say this was only about a third of what I received 🙂 Who doesn’t love leftovers!



After the movie (its lame how little I remember about the French revolutions from last fall) we had dessert. Lots of fro-yo because I was trying to finish it up (I was successful).


And after dinner I threw together today’s breakfast:


I went a little heavy on the spinach which means I have Husband’s portion leftover for tomorrow.

My cleaning yesterday was a good workout! My upper back is sore 🙂


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