A long day

Well I’m lacking pictures again. Sorry! I ate this Luna bar (my absolute favorite! not that I’ve tried them all yet) about the time I was posting this morning.


Husband was on campus applying for jobs today so we went out to lunch! We went to Pauley’s, the same place we went for my birthday and I got the Asian salad again. Yum! Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, feta (might have been a mistake), olives, croutons, and a yummy ginger dressing. I’ve been really bad about taking my lactose intolerance supplement these days so my stomach isn’t entirely thrilled with the feta.

I had some AllBran multigrain crackers at 3ish:


Husband dropped my car at the mechanic’s today, but without an appointment they didn’t start looking at the car until 4. After I got off work we walked up to the mechanic and then a few doors further on to a local coffee shop where I got iced tea with peach syrup. So yummy! New favorite!

After FINALLY getting the car back I went to the gym where I ran half an hour on the treadmill. I only did it at 5.5 mph which is really slow compared to all the other bloggers out there, 2.75 miles in 30 minutes, but I needed the confidence of actually accomplishing half an hour again. It was easy until the last 5 minutes, but I did it!

Even though my stomach’s a little sour, we had leftovers for dinner (not so pretty):


With strawberries and Mayfield brown cow ice cream (not as good as vanilla fro yo) for dessert:


WordPress is being very slow and I need to go shower anyhow. I hope to have time to do Yoga Journal’s evening sequence podcast before bed, but we’ll see. I was up a little late last night and would like to make it up. Luckily Husband didn’t drink his half of today’s smoothie and I didn’t eat the salad I took with me to work, but most of tomorrow’s food is already packed to go!



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