It seems I like purple…

Happy August! One month closer to cooler temperatures

I’m still getting used to my hair. Still unsure about it…

Breakfast was lazy, cereal and yogurt, about one and a half servings of each again (615 calories)


After letting this digest for about an hour I discovered that the loop around my neighborhood is almost exactly half a mile, so with the wicked hill I figured I’d run two loops and call it hill work. So I ran a mile in 10 minutes, taking a break at the top of the hill on both rounds. I climbed about 60 feet in about a minute. 60 feet over a tenth of a mile, though that .1 mile would be the hypoteneus of the triangle which would make…. it all too complicated to be worth working out on this blog. Let’s just say that hill is a bitch, and I ran it twice and my lungs couldn’t quite keep up.

But I showered, including washing my hair. Stylists put so much product in it that it gets greasy that much faster, so I wanted a cleans slate. Plus I need to get use to it anyway.

After the shower I headed to Old Navy! Hello tax free weekend and 30% off coupon! As the register rang up at $255 all I could think was “oh, the Husband is going to be unhappy,” but he hadn’t scanned the coupon yet! It was really $175 and I think Husband was too afraid to ask how much the “a lot of clothes” on the coffee table actually cost. I figured this was my chance to get nicer shirts (than just cotton tees that are all too small), workout clothes, and maybe some cardigans.

Here’s the workout gear: two sports bras (not nearly supportive enough, but none are… I think duct tape would do the trick though) making a total of 6 for me, 3 tanks with built in bras, and 3 pairs of shorts. All synthetic so that when I go break a sweat at the gym and then head across the street to Kroger I’m not frozen by sweaty cotton clothes.


And the other clothes. As the checkout guy pointed out, I had a theme and it seems to be purple! Tank with twisted straps, baggy middle, and fitted bottom; three cropped cardigans blue, white and brown; grey skirt with foldover top (have a black one from ON years ago that is just way too long, this is better!); purple button up top whose buttons are already loose on; brown walking shorts (I’ve been complaining about wanting more work appropriate shorts and couldn’t find black ones in my size); and purple smock shirt which needs to be exchanged, grabbed a size too big by accident. I’ll probably exchange the purple button up at the same time, I hate sewing buttons. I looked for a pair of jeans but couldn’t find the wash I wanted in my size. I wanted Flirt because I prefer bootcut over flair and the Divas are soooo tight in the thighs. My favorite pair of shorts are actually a pair of divas that I got a Plato’s Closet and were too short so I cut them off, but man are they tight. Not meant for athletes I guess.


I came home with the goodies and piddled around until Husband got up. We finally took the two huge garbage bags full of give away stuff to the Goodwill drop off and then walked up to PetSmart to check out the weekly adoption drive. There was a very pretty pit bull there. A lovely red with a white stripe up her nose, but skinny as can be. Already taller then Gypsy and still with some growing left to do (big paws!) I think Husband and I will always have a pit bull, ours are so sweet. “vastly misunderstood creatures, hypogryphs pit bulls. Vastly misunderstood”

Next we headed across the street to Chick-fil-a for lunch. Their chargrilled chicken is just so bland I couldn’t quite convince myself to get it today and their salads are so expensive, so I went with chicken nuggets with a pack of Polynesian sauce. Yum yum. Also help husband eat half a large fry. meh. (total 580 calories)


After lunch we spent more money at the liquor store! All I’ve been buying lately in the way of beer have been big bottles, I wanted something that will stick around longer like, say, a six pack. In fact I found three that I wanted to try but decided to just get two. I tried one of them while Husband and I watched Hitch:


Sorry it’s so blurry. This is Peak Organic brewing company‘s Pomegranate wheat beer with acai. They use local wheat and have a sustainable Amazon partnership. It was good for a wheat beer! I don’t usually like wheat beers all that much but after trying the Mothership Wit organic beer I knew I had to give organic beers another try (don’t try Mothership Wit, I promise you, it tastes like grass). The pomegranate and acai weren’t very strong but it was enough to give it a very very subtle fruitiness. I honestly wouldn’t have known the fruit were it not on the label.


After the Husband left for work I couldn’t stop thinking about this:


So I had a package (about 3 servings):


With frozen strawberries and froyo for dessert (dinner total 480 calories)


I only probably burned about 100 calories on my dinky little run this morning. Having eaten a total of 1,675 calories, minus 100 for the run, leaves me still 413 calories short for the day. But that doesn’t include the beer, so I don’t think I’m too far off.

Well other than shopping and dropping bags off at Goodwill (they’ve been sitting in my living room since we moved) I haven’t gotten anything accomplished. Well, my third load of clothes is drying, but still. Which leaves vacuuming and bathroom cleaning for tomorrow. Husband did clean the dash and front windshield of my car today (so much better!). I also cleaned up someone’s spill (probably Husband’s beer) on the stairs that’s been bugging me since I got home from the beach. But now I think I’ll go fold those clean clothes to make it feel like I got something done today. And find room for all my new ones 🙂


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