Breakfast smoothie! Spinach, strawberries, portein powder… 164 calories


I’m out of granola bars, so I was the person eating popcorn at 10:00 in the morning… 100 calories


We were painfully short staffed today (who thought it would be a good idea to let three people go to a conference when we’re down to half staff without training the part-timer to work the front desk, I’ll never know) so the boss bought us Papa John’s pizza. I had a slice of sausage and a slice of pepperoni. And another slice of pepperoni. And another. Lunchtime fail. Since I’m always lacking in calories I’m not worried about the 1,260 calories… it’s the 3,210 mg of sodium I’m unhappy about. Too late, too late.

After work I headed to Honey’s Salon for my haircut! Here are two “befores.” The ends had gotten really thin and the ends of my layers were really frazzled.



And here’s an after… sorry about the pouty look, focusing more on framing the picture. I always hate how flat my hair comes out after a cut. Too much product. These people just don’t get volume. I’m not sure about the bangs… we’ll see after I play some. And over all its shorter than I intended, but needed to even up my layers and the rest.


I’ve had a headache since before I went to bed yesterday. I took an Advil and did about half an hour of yoga (YogaJournal’s evening sequence) which felt awesome on my hips, they’ve gotten so insanely tight! It alleviated my headache slightly to where I was able to get to sleep, but when I woke up during the night it was still there. And all day today. So I came home and ate dinner, left over couscous (220 calories) and frozen veggies (120 calories):


And then I needed something sweet, and maybe to alleviate my guilt over lunch, so I thawed some frozen strawberries (50 calories) and had some Publix vanilla low fat fro yo (180). Yum yum yum.

Calorie count, day 5
So we’re at 2094 calories for the day, 208 over my limit. And nearly 150% of my daily sodium allotment. I had intended to get home and run, but my legs managed to convince me to push that to tomorrow and Shred on Sunday. The headache might have helped too.
Well really I had intended to take gym clothes with me to work and go there straight from the salon, but oh well.

I think I’m going to call it a night. No, I don’t have a life.



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