New things to try!

Look! Breakfast smoothie! I remembered! This had… a cup of spinach, a cup and a half of frozen strawberries, a scoop and a half of protein powder, a cup of water. Not as sweet as it was with mixed fruit. Gotta work on that.


I had one of those Publix honey and oats granola bars as a morning snack because I was hungry by 8:00! I waited until 9:30 to eat.

Lunch was back to a salad which consisted of only spinach, craisins, and ground flax seed. And dressing.

I had this tuna on the side, half the pack:


(Look at the cute measuring cups my mom got me a couple of years ago)


One of the new things I tried today were All Bran wheat crackers:


These are the flax seeds I use…


All together now!


After work I had a spoonful of peanut butter before gong for a run. I was hungry!


Notice the dogs standing at attention in the background. When they have to take pills they get peanut butter.


I ran just a mile. My legs are tight after the last few days. I ran outside because for most of the day it was cooler than normal and overcast but the sun was out by the time I went. It was still really windy, which was nice. A hard, hard run, but I pushed myself and did it. It sucks watching these other girls progress so quickly, but I know its because I sleep so poorly and am constantly tired.

After the run I had some leftover couscous because dinner wasn’t going to be till 7:30-8 or so.


I finally found some dry shampoo in Athens! I was starting to think I’d have to order it or make a trip into Atlanta to buy it. Who knows how this will work, its super cheap as you can tell by the label. I’ll find out tomorrow! I read another article today about how you really should wash your hair every other day, so I’m going to put it to the test. Rinse well after a workout and I’ll use this in the mornings, today’s article said that after a little bit your scalp will stop producing so much oil. Here’s the article for those interest.


I’m also trying Secret’s clinical strength deodorant. I’m tired to trying to keep my arms down after extra walking outside, like when riding with my dad to the beach two weeks ago. Monday night was my first time using it. I don’t know if it needs time to build up in your pores or not, but I do notice that after workouts I get kind of stinky, even though this is supposedly for athletes. I will let you know how it does!


I also picked up some new exfoliating face wash. I’ve been using Pond’s gentle exfoliant and love it, but it can be hard to find. I only use the exfoliating stuff at night (trying to use up some medicated Noxema face wash in the mornings) so this looked particularly intriguing! Thankfully my skin isn’t too picky these days and I’m now using Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin moisturizer to positive results, so I thought I’d try it! I do like the scent, but I honestly couldn’t say how relaxing it is. It’s not stressful or anything 🙂 but I don’t feel my muscles automatically release when I use it. Certainly a pleasant smell though.


Now it is unfortunately bed time, so I’m going to post about dinner and my calorie totals tomorrow morning at work. Our roommate’s sister came out with her family, so I felt rude pulling my computer out with guests. Goodnight!


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