New beer

I stumbled downstairs at 5:45 this morning to grab some clothes out of the dryer and Husband’s and my breakfast smoothies, which I made last night. The idea of pausing to take a picture of said smoothie honestly didn’t even cross my mind at that point. But picture a normal smoothie (can’t even remember what color it was). I used (for two)

  • 1.5 scoops Designer Whey french vanilla protein powder
  • 1.5 cups Publix mixed frozen fruit
  • 1 cup (packed) spinach
  • 1 cup water
  • 5 frozen strawberries

Tasted better than all of the others! I think it was the strawberries. I’ll find out tomorrow since that’s what I’m now using!

I drank over the hour or so of getting ready for work but I knew it wouldn’t hold me 5-6 hours so I took one of these as my morning snack (eaten between 9:30 and 10, I believe):


The last one from the box. I’m not all that sad to see them go. I hate how nuts get stuck in your teeth so you end up eating them for an hour afterward.

Lunch was the second black bean burrito from yesterday (no picture again) which due to its smaller proportions, didn’t leave me quite as satisfied as I would have liked.

I came home from work and soon left to pick the Husband up from the tutoring center. I walked the dogs around the block, fetching the mail at the same time, and then headed upstairs to do Level One of the Jillian’s 30 Day Shred. Has anyone else noticed that I seem to get through a week of shredding then end up taking a week off for various reasons (moving, vacation, etc)? Well lets hope that stops now!

I held off on dinner as long as I could so that Huz could get a nap, but I was starving and broke out the pizza dough at about 6:30:


The next task will be buying the ingredients for and making whole wheat pizza dough… But for now we’ll use Pillsbury. It’s tasty! I love their crescent rolls.

I used Publix regular marinara sauce, Kroger mozzarella cheese, Mrs Dash tomato basil and garlic seasoning, and some more basil flakes. It was tasty if I do say so myself! I had hoped to hold out until I had a chance to buy veggies to add to it, but Huzbie seemed very disappointed not to be having pizza together. So I caved.

My slice (x2):


Yum yum yum (any notice that I finally figured out how to load verticle pictures? 🙂 )

I also got to try a new beer that I read about ages ago on Brew and Bake!



I’m still learning to like beer, but this is definitely better than most I’ve tried! I definitely appreciate Matt’s beer reviews and someday hope to take advantage of some of his bread recipes too! Maybe when I have a whole fridge to myself. I know Husband would be interested in brewing his own beer someday. Brew and Bake is just a one stop shop for good advice!

Calorie Totals, day 2

Breakfast totaled out to 158 calories
Snack 190
Lunch we’re estimating at 559 to be generous (no real idea)
Dinner about 460 (estimated) plus god knows how many from the beer

I have no idea how many I would have burned while shredding, but estimating 100, not including the beer, I have 625 calories left to consume today. Even to estimate the beer as having 400 calories, liquid calories really shouldn’t count. I told myself that I would have some frozen vegetables after the pizza but once I got done with the dishes (and making tomorrow’s breakfast smoothies and lunch) I just wasn’t hungry. So once again, seriously lacking in calories.

Vacation reflection
I felt like I ate very well while at the beach, compared to how I would have eaten in the past. But I still came home feeling not quite as svelte as when I left. I imagine it is largely bloating (sodium from eating chips everyday, drinking daily instead of once or twice a week, etc) and therefore am not worried about it. I know everyone comes home with an extra inch or two. I am determined to finally get on track (since there is no complete track to get back on to!) with my exercising though. My weekly goals:
Run Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays.
Shred Tuesday, Thursdays.
Saturday and/or Sunday find a class at the gym to take.
Again, lets hope I make it through a week!


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