Lame bloggie

I’m sorry guys, but I’m feeling generally tired and crappy, so this is going to be a picture heavy, verbage minimal post.

Chobani and Publix brand granola bars for breakie. Chobs much more filling than my Cabot.


Salad for lunchie


And a grilled cheese… it kills me how much food dad and I are going to be throwing out tomorrow.


Lunch’s dessert


Happy hour snackage… SunChips and gin and tonic (x2)


We opted to put off dinner (having filled up on chips) to watch the sunset


I spy two crabbies 🙂


Giant sun (and the high rise nearly 4 miles down the beach we walked to Sunday morning, super zoom)


We went back to George’s for dinner and I completely forgot my camera… I got the edamame and corn salad to begin with, yum! and dad and I split the fried shrimp with fries and hushpuppies. Even that was still too much food, but oh well. So glad we ended up splitting instead of ordering two entrees. No need to waste money or food.

Going to go finish reading April’s Self magazine since it belongs to the condo, not me. Hope for bed soon!


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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog!

    I love picture-heavy posts 🙂 And the edamame and corn salad… mmm.. two of my favorite things!

    I love the sunset and crab photos. My boyfriend and I used to watch sunsets together all the time… we need to do it agaiN!

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