Too much food

Today’s lunch reminded me why I switched to salads – and stuck with it – to begin with. Not only did I eat way too much but it left me bloated and quite uncomfortable.

Even though I wasn’t hungry, I’m in must-use-food mode and had some Tostitos chips and salsa at about 4ish.


Still quite full we headed to dinner at a restaurant called Onano at Rosemary Beach. I believe we ate there 6ish years ago when we stayed at the condo next door, the first place I tried calamari. The parents don’t quite remember. It was odd because we didn’t actually get dinner…

Started out with bread, an herbed focaccia with olive oil. I managed to keep it to only one piece.


I ordered the Linguini: Local jumbo shrimp, sausage, baby spinach, roasted tomato, wild oregano, kalamatas, capers, and white wine

Without the sausage. It was quite tasty. I ate more than planned (opting not to save half for tomorrow’s lunch) and left feeling much too full.


My mother’s lobster ravioli, which I had one of. Pretty, huh?


Plus a glass and a quarter (or half) of wine

This is a street in Rosemary Beach. I love how it almost feels European. (I was walking at the time, sorry for the blur)


I’m exhausted after getting just 6 hours of sleep last night so I’m going to change into my pjs, climb onto my air mattress, and watch Blue Brothers with (most of) the family. And maybe have a Klondike bar… Gotta eat that food after all. I have trouble thinking that it will either be wasted in the trash or wasted in calories turned into fat… I feel like we ought to get our money’s worth… but maybe that’s just my own financial situation talking.


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