Purple toes!

I got up at 6:30 this morning and ran a total of 1.8 miles, using the walk/run method on the mile back to the condo.

It was hot even that early! I was so focused on finding a breeze and letting my cotton tank dry outside that I neglected to take a picture of my breakfast, but you can bet it looked like all the others this week but eaten out of the yogurt container 🙂

I also had a handful (and a half) or pretzels after my shower to see me through a pedicure…


Mom and I were out to get both manicures and pedicures but because of the perpetual language barrier at nail salons the “manicure” somehow was missed and we ended up deciding not to worry about it.

Dragonfly on the deck:


The purple (OPI Don’t You Lilac it?) was calling to me 🙂


(The toe ring is a permanent fixture. Every couple of years I find a new one to replace it with but I tried to take it off this morning and wouldn’t have been able to without breaking a nail… which it turns out wouldn’t have been a problem)

Lunch was large and drawn out. there were leftover roasted squashes and potatos with the corn cut off a single ear:


Followed by a piece of chicken on a roll with a slice of havarti cheese and dijon musard:


And fruit!


I was contemplating going to sit on the beach and read again (under the umbrella), but I’m not sure I want to commit to the sunscreen and second shower it would require… We’ll see whether I can wait until 4.


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