Another lazy day

But vacations are made for lazy days, right? I got up at 8 again and had breakfast out on the deck. I haven’t mentioned it, but I’ve been having a cup of coffee with half nad half every morning, though I think I’m finally catching up on sleep.


After sitting out on the beach for two hours or so (half in the shade of an umbrella today) and walking a mile or so in the surf (excellent for the legs) it was lunch time!

A smaller salad of spinach, carrots, red bell pepper, and dressing:


And two leftover hot dogs on a piece of Arnold’s 9 grain bread, Grey Poupon, ketchup, and half a slice of havarti cheese:


And about 8 of these for dessert:


I finally finished The Enchantress of Florence last night. I had an English professor in college who adored Salmon Rushdie so I’ve been intending to read something of his since then. This was my first  and while I enjoyed the time period the writing got rather convoluted at points, which I didn’t enjoy so much. A good story teller though.

I’ll be heading to the grocery store soon, to pick up some single serving Greek yogurts. Maybe I’ll finally try some Oikos!


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