nemo nemo!

So lesson learned today… this:


+ Vanity Fair = this:


Tha’s part of the Johnny Depp article from the July issue, after a shower. I also had it all over my fingers and still all over my thighs. Makes you wonder just how many chemicals are involved, eh? Since it doesn’t even come off after one washing.

I had a bowl of Sunchips mid beach sitting (for a good 3-4 hours, under an umbrella). I had a gin and tonic at happy hour, on the beach and while dinner was grilling I wandered and took pictures. Landscaping around the condo:


I didn’t realize you could follow the board walk farther than the road to the lake, but here are some lily pads!


And the lake from the community dock:


The gang (minus Matt) serving their dinners:


My dinner: mixed fruit, roasted squashes and potatoes, roll, and cabernet sauvignon (veggies and wine x2).


The brothers returning from the beach (Jason, 18 and Matt, 20)


Dessert 🙂


Another gorgie sunset:


Wine, cameras, dad, and the view:


The most vibrant colors:


And now we’re watching Finding Nemo!!! I haven’t seen it in years. I know I’ve mentioned it before but I so adore Ellen DeGeneres!

Alrighty, I’m getting up at 6:30 tomorrow to go run, so I think I’ll go change for bed and lie on my air mattress to watch the rest of the movie… Hopefully I can stay awake to talk to Hubby!


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