Another HP day!

Well I did wake up at 6:30 again this morning but managed to fall back asleep until 8, when Dad’s cell phone rang and woke me up. No matter, I had meant to get up and go for a run anyway and quickly learned that waiting until 8 is waiting too late. It was more of a walk/run with the total running distance 1.25 miles and the walk .75 miles. The last 1/3 of a mile I walked hard though and I could feel it working different muscles than normal. Over all I was rather disappointed in myself, but today was hotter than its been the last two days and there was no shade on the bike path, so I’ll be getting up at 6:30 on Friday and hopefully do a better job.

Back to the condo for breakfast:


After which I went and read on the beach for almost two hours with my dad.

After a shower, lunch was a spinach salad with red pepper, carrots, two deli slices of ham, and a full slice of havarti cheese. Plus the Ken’s steakhouse lite vinaigrette I had yesterday. Yum yum.


And a piece of corn with butter, salt, and pepper:


Lunch actually lasted a good two hours, eaten in stages. About 45 minutes after the salad I had some cantaloupe, watermelon, and cherries:


And then a serving of SunChips about an hour after that. We were headed into Panama City to see Harry Potter again and I wanted to fill up to avoid making movie theater popcorn my dinner, as it was the first time.


I successfully avoided the popcorn and on the way home we went to a sports bar called Shades which is owned by the same people as a beloved restaurant back in Atlanta, Taco Mac. I got an Abita Purple Haze to start and managed to keep it to only two chips with queso dip. Unfortunately that small amount of food could have been my dinner. I think I perhaps should have skipped the beer.IMG_1176

As we did when we went there in March, Dad and I split the fried shrimp meal. Here’s my plate which included most of the green beans (they were definitely better in March, when I thought they were the best I’d ever had), 6 shrimp, a handful of fries and a roll. Needless to say, I cleaned my plate, and left feeling more full than I generally appreciate. But it was tasty!


Now I’m enjoying a glass of wine on the deck while watching the sunset:



Or I was until the bugs started swarming my laptop screen.

I can’t believe its only 8:00 here. I guess our early dinner has thrown me off, but I’m definitely ready for bed! But sleeping in the living room means I can’t really expect that for another two hours.

Calories burned vs calories consumed…
Sandhiya posted a comment yesterday asking whether my food intake is sufficient for the activity level I have maintained this week. As I mentioned last night, it is something I’ve thought about before and I imagine that number-wise it would not be. I eat when I’m hungry and don’t eat when I’m not, but I’ve also been unusually active this week with many-miled walks on the beach, kayaking, and jumping feet first back into my running routine.

There was a short while, over a year ago, where I logged my food intake on The Daily Plate and I was eating enough. But that was before I started changing my eating habits for the healthier and really exercising.. I checked again a couple of months ago and no, I was not taking in enough calories (“enough” meaning between 2100-2400, according to that same website). I actually remember vaguely wondering whether there’s a certain deficit in calories to be met before being considered anorexic. I know I’m definitely not taking in 2000+ calories, or that on the occasions that I am they are largely empty calories. I used to take in roughly 1100-1200 calories a day, but that was before joining the gym and starting my running habit.

Since I’m on vacation and therefore not focusing on measuring food and also eating out more often than normal, I’m not going to worry about it this week. Once I get home, starting probably Monday, I will measure my food and use to keep track of my calorie intake to find out where I stand these days. Please please remind me if I seem to forget! I will post the estimates here for all to see, as well as calories burned during whatever exercise I participate in.

Thanks for the comment, I’m interested to see where this project leads. For now I think I’ll finish my wine and go back to contemplating a heath bar crunch Klondike bar… I’m still pretty full though. 🙂


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