Lazy day

Well I slept in till 8 today! Got up and had breakfast. I haven’t been measuring here, just sort of going with what looks ‘right.’ Kashi Go Lean Crunch and Cabot low fat Greek style yogurt. Skipped the cherries until later in the morning (unphotographed).


I opted for a rest day and just layed out on the beach for an hour, until the sunscreen running in my eye became unbearable.

I had lunch part one at about 11. Spinach with red pepper, baby carrots, and Ken’s Steakhouse Lite cranberry pomegranate vinaigrette. Nice and light!


After a shower I had lunch part two, leftover grilled hot dog with ketchup, onion, and sunchips.


And melon for dessert:


We spent much of the afternoon looking for knitting stores (I opted out of a purchase) and briefly looked for a hat to run in, but the Under Armor factory store and Reebok outlet didn’t have anything. Talked to husband for a bit, then had happy hour on the beach with parents (the close up is vertical which doesn’t translate to wordpress). Had  gin and tonic. (And I don’t make a habit of walking around in white ribbed tank tops (“wife beaters”), they’re just the only ones a brought, intended to be run in and I figured a tank top was more appropriate for beach sitting than a tee)


Went to dinner at a place called George’s at Alys Beach.


While waiting Dad and I walked across the street to take pictures of the Hilton house. I’ll spare you the architect’s interest.

At the restaurant we had a bottle of Mauritson cabernet sauvignon, I had maybe a glass and a quarter.


I ordered the wood grilled vegetable bowl “with hearth health pasta tossed in a fresh pesto.”


Sorry for the messy picture, I almost forgot. There were asparagus, artichokes, a portabello mushroom cap (yum!) red onions, celery, carrots, and peppers. I’m not convinced that the pasta was actually whole wheat and the pesto was essentially non-existent except for olive oil in the bottom of the bowl. I ate most of the larger vegetables off the top and several bites of pasta. As well as one of my dad’s fried shrimp (yum as well!)

Home (as home as it gets on vacation) now and as much as I want something sweet to cleanse the palate, I’m just not hungry… I definitely think I’m getting better at this intuitive eating thing 🙂

I got a comment earlier about whether I think I take in enough calories re: my activity level. It’s actually something I’ve given some thought to but since its already 10:00, I’ll answer it tomorrow. I also need to go back to posting twice a day. A demain!


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