Doggie dog dog

It feels like a long day. Up at 6:30, ran 2 miles (I’m sure of it this time), 20 minute hip opening flow, breakfast as usual:


Unpictured handful of ranier cherries.

Short walk on the beach <1 mi. The gulf was an absolute lake today so Dad and I took the kayak out. Carrying it to and from the beach would have been enough exercise in and of itself.



Lunch was spinach, red bell pepper, slice of turkey, slice of ham, half a slice of havarti cheese, low fat Italian dressing


Went to Publix with my parents, had a serving of Sunchips, then sat on the beach for an hour or so. Dad and I took the kayak back out, another shower, then snackie (salsa x2):


Dinner of grilled burger with dijon, ketchup, onion, tomato, romaine. Corn, cantaloup, watermelon.





Split a Heath bar Klondike with Dad


But the highlight of the evening was meeting a bunny! I kind of stalked him a little…


And now we’re watching the fab Heach Ledger in Lords of Dowgtown.

Let’s hope for more sleep tonight so I can have a more enthusiastic post tomorrow.


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