Rain rain, go away

Woke up at 6:30 beach time this morning (7:30 home time, so about average for weekends). I thought it was 7:30 and went ahead and got up for breakfast:


I didn’t feel too bad for only about 7 hours of sleep but then Dad and I went on another major walk, 7.14 miles.  My legs are definitely feeling it today. They felt fine all day yesterday and this morning but now they’re tight and tired. We saw a sand colored ray and some playful dolphins though!

Came home, showered off the sunscreen and immediately dug into my leftover shrimp po-boy for lunch. After walking for 2.5 hours and burning almost 500 calories I was definitely hungry


When I wasn’t entirely satisfied a little while later I had a small spinach salad with fat free Italian dressing. And yes, I had a Coke too. I was hoping the caffeine would help me out.


Also had a serving of Nilla wafers for dessert:


And now I’m just as sleepy as I was yesterday. I think I might go poke around downstairs and see if I can find a couch to nap on for a little bit.


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