Once the rest of the family (2 brothers, mom, and a brother’s friend) arrived we had happy hour: Gin and tonic (again) and SunChips (burning calories makes me hungry!)


Not too much later, well, an hour or so, we headed to a place called Angelina’s for dinner, the brothers were asking for Italian. A side salad with Italian dressing which was tastier than the stuff we bought at the Publix:


And for the main course I ordered the Chicken Pesto de… something or another. This was rather a disappointment, more like alfredo sauce with some basil thrown in and the chicken pieces were rather large. I brought most of it home anyway to have for lunch tomorrow.


Plus two glasses of wine with dinner. I would have been happy with one, but the waitress brought me another with my parent’s second. I wasn’t going to complain or waste wine 🙂

And now Dad and Matt are trying to connect the DVD player to the TV so mom and I can watch Twilight… It’s kind of silly, but very helpful!

Some pictures from this evening:

Sand castles built by someone else, mom taking pictures of the sunset, dad walking from the sunset, brother and friend, sunset. Pretty!


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