Dinner yum yum

This afternoon consisted of reading/dozing on the couch, a run to the grocery store, talking to the Husband before he went to work, more reading, moving down to the beach and reading, taking drinks down to the beach and reading, shower, and dinner. Now followed by more Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom (yay another Pirates of the Caribbean movie!)

We went to the Marketplace Cafe for dinner (“serving deep fried love since 1949”). We went back in March as well, it was the first time I tried a shrimp po-boy and it was utterly delicious. My one request for this trip was to go back for another, going in planning on it being my treat night. I subbed a salad for the fries: 


I got ranch which was tasty. I love ranch. To reduce calories I just dipped my fork in before picking up some of the salad. 

Here’s my favorite, cut in half to save for lunch tomorrow:


I could have gotten grilled shrimp, but fried are so much tastier and it’s treat night. With coleslaw but no tartar sauce. I’ve only had a shrimp po boy on other place and this is by far the best. I also had 4 of Dad’s fried shrimp and a handful of his fries. (Water to drink)

Came home to a drumstick:


I can live without the peanuts on top, this was the first I’ve had though my family has bought them for years. The peanuts were always a turn off, but now that I occasionally eat them I thought I’d try this dessert.


Alright, I admit I haven’t run much in the past three weeks or so. I ran maybe 3 times at the gym (run/walk at 9 min/mi) and I’ve only run twice outside since then but I’ve noticed that doing the faster runs on a treadmill (which forces you to keep the pace) has helped. I used to run a 12 minute mile but these last two outdoor runs I’ve avered 9.5-10 minute miles, which is great. That’s my goal pace for the race. Now I just have to go back to upping my mileage 🙂


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