An active morning

Love burning nearly 600 calories before noon though I’m definitely not used to it. 

I woke up this morning and went for a run. I had been planning on just two miles up 30A and back and had the motivation to actually do so until I remembered that changing the lap on the Garmin only affects the time you see, not the distance. I’ll have to change the screen when I go next time so that what I walk during my 5 minute warm up doesn’t get added in to my running distance. I was a little annoyed about that and lost my motivation to go further. I came back, did about 10 minutes of yoga to stretch out and ate breakfast. I’m back to Kashi Go Lean Crunch and Cabot Greek Style yougurt for the week (with some cherries on the side)


But after breakfast I joined Dad for a walk on the beach… for 6.38 miles. I went out expecting 4, down to the bizarro Hilton house and back. I was happy to keep going but knew I’d be worn out from it. I’m hoping replacing some of the calories with lunch will help. Basically the same as last night. Sunchips and the other half of the turkey sub on whole wheat:

And some Nilla wafers for dessert, HFCS and all (photo x2):

And now I think I’ll settle down on the couch and read. Or maybe ‘accidently’ take a nap. Who knows.


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