Professional photographer, thanks

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday. Breakfast and lunch were the same as usual and dinner was leftovers

I clean the bathroom, kitchen, swept both those rooms and the mudroom, and  vacuumed all of our areas of the house. I ended up leaving work early because… well hey, why not, right? Washed all the week’s clothes and got mostly packed. Husband and I finished watching The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and watched Baby Mama as well. Then there was an incident with a cat and a dog and cats claws and yelling and tears… and well, all is right in the world (except husband is not where I am at the moment, more on that in a sec).

This morning Husband and I got up early and went to Waffle House where I got the cheese and eggs combo with hashbrowns scattered and smothered (with onions) and raisin toast. And coffee. Staying up till midnight multiple nights in a row doesn’t really agree with me. No picture.

I got to leave work at 11! Drove home to meet Husband and Dad, said goodbye to Dan, took Husband to school, finished packing and hit the road with Dad. 

We stopped in the middle of nowhere Georgia for some Wendy’s where I got the mandarin chicken salad with their asian sesame dressing and crispy noodles (which I keep hoping will taste better than they do. Now I know they offer no flavor to the salad). They didn’t give me almonds as they usually do. Grilled chicken. No picture. Forgot my camera in the car and didn’t really want to embarrass dad (or maybe myself either) taking a picture of my food in public. 

Drivedrivedrive forever and ever. Stop in at Publix. We’re at the beach! At my parent’s neighbor’s townhouse between Panama City and Destin. Eager to get off the road we just got subs at the Publix deli, whole subs to save half for tomorrow’s lunch.

Turkey and white american cheese on whole wheat with spicy mustard (which was a mistake), lettuce, tomato, and onion. And original sunchips. Plus a gin and tonic.

And a handful of these for dessert:

Then dad and I went for a walk on the BEACH! We got asked by two different groups to take pictures of them and since dad is fairly clueless when it comes to photography I had the honor. A group of four college kids, two couples I believe, and a family.

There are lots of turtle nests! This is exciting, especially with Kelly doing so much with turtle nests lately. I got to see a nest hatch when I was little on Isle of Palms and it was great. There are three within sight of our boardwalk. 

It’s kind of a shame I’m not closer to Orlando to do a bloggie meet up, but I’ll be there next March for the half marathon! I’ve already mentioned it to Caitlin. So exciting!

Husband could, very very unfortunately, not join us this week because of his summer classes. I’m going to miss him terribly, especially since we had such an awesome time here over spring break in March (even with losing glasses, killing a cell phone, and wrecking a car it was an awesome week). My mom and brother’s and a friend of theirs will be joining us on Sunday though, which will be nice. I am looking forward to a week with my family since I only ever see them for a few hours at a time these days. Everytime I start getting sad and missing Husband (hey, I’m hormonal, okay?) I tell myself that I”ll still have a great week. Lets hope that comes true. 

Off to call the boy and say goodnight!


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