New recipe!

I am tired today. My body goes through periods where it will wake up at about the time Husband gets off work and stay awake until he comes to bed. And sometimes longer. Bet you couldn’t guess but this happened last night. I should really go to bed in a bit but I haven’t quite accomplished everything I’d like. 

Breakfast was a smoothie… but you saw a bit of that last night. 

Lunch a salad. I remembered that I had tomatoes today (though they were added after I took the picture)!

I saved my wheat thins for an afternoon snack since I took the cereal and yogurt for a morning snack (and therefore wasn’t actually hungry at lunch time, but I had errands to run and didn’t want the tuna sitting out so ate).

Husband and I turned in the keys to the old apartment this evening! Yay! dunzo with moving. Now for the organizing…

I accomplished a mini goal and checked something else off my to-do list by doing level one of the 30 Day Shred today. While I was lying awake for nearly 3 hours last night I finally realized getting up and writing down a to do list would help calm my brain down and maybe help me relax and sleep. I was worrying about everything I need to accomplish before the beach this weekend! I’m worried about the mess I’ll come home to. I feel like a mom.

Anyway, it’s been about two weeks since my last strength workout :/ but felt good to get going again and I forced myself through all the reps! I think I’ll hurt for it tomorrow, but tomorrow’s a run day so its all good. 

I made this recipe from Kelsey for dinner, which she had modified from someone else’s blog. Tasty!

Green beans not included, but such things need eating! Pasta with tomato cheese sauce, spinach, mushrooms, and shrimpies. Very tasty. And yes, I had spinach for breakfast lunch and dinner. Not exactly intentional, but iron is good! Especially for us flexitarian women.

Plus some wine on the side. And I think I can expect to see some more of this in my future… But not till I get some bathroom organizing done. I’m using it as a reward. So good.



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