A social evening

Husband and I were supposed to leave early, he riding with me, so that we could toss our emptied moving boxes in the dumpster for cardboard outside the library. But then he had five cups of coffee last night starting at about 4:30 pm and didn’t sleep so much. I didn’t feel like breaking out the blender to remix the smoothie from Saturday so I had yogurt, cereal, and fruit instead! Yum yum, excellent blueberries and peaches!


My lunch salad: spinach, yellow, green, red peppers, red and green onions, candied almonds, dried cherries and cranberries, cheese. With hickory smoked tuna mixed in. Yum yum! And Wheat Thins of course!


I took the leftover smoothie to work and its a good thing I didn’t bother with it this morning, it was a waste of time, it was bad!

I met an ex-coworker after work at Starbucks and got a chai latte. I got there early, just went straight from work and met Husband there beforehand. We were meeting to discuss Twilight. It was pretty good, but I was a little surprised when she got up to leave in the middle of things after exactly half an hour. 

It was just as well, I stopped by to see Husband at work and got a free dinner! Veggie pattie six inch on 9-grain wheat with lettuce, onion, tomato and sweet onion sauce. So delicious! But evidently the veggie pattie has 22% of your daily sodium allotment. Oh well! It was nice to try something new. Oh, and with cheddar cheese.


I came home, ate, checked the mail while walking the dogs around the block, and prepped tomorrow’s food. Here’s the protein powder I’ve been using. I don’t really like the flavor it gives the smoothies when you use the whole amount.


I used (making two for husband and I) 2 cups fruit, 2 handfuls spinach, 2 cups milk, 2 scoops protein (should tried 1.5), and a tbs flax seeds. Made a little bit too much for the two water bottles so I drank the rest tonight. As I said earlier, too much protein powder. Ignore the lovely beige couch, it was free.


I’m quite satisfied at the moment, but some fruit and fro yo might sneak in before the end of the evening. I’m going to go put together some bathroom shelves and hopefully get things a bit more organized in there. 

I’m going to be interviewed about www.operationbeautiful.com tomorrow! Go Caitlin!

PS, Angela is giving away Amazing Grass! I want some so much but even when Jenna was offering 40% off I still couldn’t afford to take advantage of it 😦

PPS, Heather is giving away MojaMix!

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