And we’re back!

Again. The new place is slowly coming together… I’m kind of avoiding the kitchen stuff… too much. Too intimidating. Kinda like homework and why it never really got done well. I got all the books put away today and Husband’s clothes got put away. Half my wardrobe is still at the old place, so my clothes are still hanging out in the temporarily empty bedroom downstairs.

Dan’s girlfriend Alex brought her cat over which has been interesting. There’s been lots of snatching, grabbing, grumbling, and whining. Gypsy doesn’t want to be locked up but she charges the child gate they set up across the hallway so that Rocky could get to his litter box in the bathroom. Such a pain. 

Breakfast was the usual, no picture. Didn’t want to walk back upstairs to find the camera. I forgot to bring refridgerated foods over from the old place yesterday so lunch consisted of half of this: 

and some of these:

I didn’t count crackers, just sort of ate them till the tuna was gone and then 3 or 4 more to change the taste in my mouth. I kinda forgot to take a fork outside with me to eat with, but the crackers worked quite well!

It really threw me off how well this kept me satisfied since I usually have this on top of a salad. Guess I really can cut back on something or another from my lunch. I stopped by old place after work today and got the refridgerated stuff (except the beer which the boys can deal with) so I’ll be having a salad tomorrow and I just chopped up a red and a yellow pepper, half a red onion, and washed some sugar snap peas for this week’s add-ins. Regrettably I couldn’t find the vegetable peeler so I skipped the carrots. Need to eat those though.

Dinner was horribly uninspired, not helped by the fact that I got the Wheat Thins back out to use as dog treats, finishing the box myself (it probably was about a serving). I had steamed brown rice, black beans, and Trader Joe’s peach salsa

Not outstanding but it got the job done. I’m still sipping on a SoCo and diet Coke even though I just realized that having had trouble sleeping all weekend I probably shouldn’t now be drinking something caffeinated. I’m not all that enamored with it anyway, so I may pour the rest out.

I was (and should have) come home and done the 30 Day Shred but my arms were feeling tired just lifting handfuls of books on to the book shelf (I had to clear the boxes off the study floor before I’d have room to workout). Then I got distracted talking to Alex and then felt like it was too late.

I think I’ll take the dogs out one more time and then hit the sack. Sleepy sleepy. G’night!


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